Artificial lagoons in Chile – Simon Machinery

Artificial lagoons in Chile – a landscape of superlatives World record with SIMON MACHINERY Crystal Lagoons Corp.’s concept and technology enable to build crystal clear water bodies in almost unlimited dimensions thanks to its uniquely new and patented concept. In a region where the sea is too rough and thus unattractive to tourists, it is now possible to construct giant artificial lagoon landscapes. There are alread
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Building the Guangzhou metro with help from SIMON MACHINERY

Building the Guangzhou metro with help from SIMON MACHINERY The light, handy SMC-800 Hot Wedge Welder brings the weld seam down almost by itself, and just as effortlessly upwards. The SMC-800 gets into even tight spaces easily. One of the many stops along one of the metro lines which is already finished. Involvement in major project in the “Middle Kingdom” Guangzhou, better known as Canton, is a thriving big city in
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Perfect Welding of Billboards

Perfect Welding of Billboards Huge banners cause a sensation all over the place Technological Advance for Printing Giant thanks to Simon Machinery (China) Co., Ltd. Visitors to Beijing often report to be deeply impressed by the rapid growth and the prosperity of Beijing. More and more companies have become aware of the enormous potential of this economic hotspot. Due to their efforts to maximize advertising impact fo
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