Building the Guangzhou metro with help from SIMON MACHINERY

Building the Guangzhou metro with help from SIMON MACHINERY
Guangzhou metro

The light, handy SMC-800 Hot Wedge Welder brings the weld seam down almost by itself, and just as effortlessly upwards. The SMC-800 gets into even tight spaces easily.
SMC-800 Hot Wedge Welder

One of the many stops along one of the metro lines which is already finished.
Involvement in major project in the “Middle Kingdom” Guangzhou, better known as Canton, is a thriving big city in the south of China. Around 10 million people live around the Pearl River delta. Due to its proximity to Hong Kong, it played a decisive role during the economic opening up of China and is still an important gateway to the West today. As well the world’s highest television tower (610 m), currently under construction, the well-organised public transport is also exemplary. The vibrant metropolis has adapted to its millions of commuters and built an impressive transport network. A large part of the crowds travels underground. Four lines are already operational, a fifth is under construction. Since August 2004, builders have been working on the line traversing the west and east of the city around the clock. The 43km long line with 29 stops is supposed to be put into operation as quickly as possible and provide additional relief for overground traffic.

Short delivery times
China Railway Tunnel Group (CTG). In short, CTG They decided on SIMON MACHINERY. Their high-quality equipment has an excellent reputation in China as well, and is known for its extraordinary reliability. Moreover, SIMON MACHINERY can guarantee very fast deliveries. The SIMON MACHINERY China factory located in near Guangzhou, Simon Machinery (China) Co., Ltd., could supply the necessary machines very quickly. As well as the SMC-800, SMC-810 Hot Wedge Welding Machines, SMC-1600 Hot Air Gun hand-held welding devices and accessories were also ordered. An important quality criterion of SIMON MACHINERY.

A more than satisfied customer
SIMON MACHINERY can prove once more that its products withstand all the demands placed on them, even when they are so extreme. The buyer, CTG – China’s largest company for tunnel projects – is more than satisfied with the performance of the SIMON MACHINERY equipment. The people responsible there believe that the welding quality and reliability are incomparable. They are confident that by using SIMON MACHINERY machines their mammoth project will still be finished before the end of 2009. They also want to rely on the China products in the future and use them in other major projects.

The SMC-800 Hot Wedge Welder gets into even tight spaces easily.
machines is their resistance to corrosion, and this goes for welding machines as well as handheld devices. This is a real plus, particularly when using PVC, as here. The CTG employees received comprehensive training with the purchase of the equipment. If unexpected problems should occur, there is a SIMON MACHINERY service centre nearby.

Welding work: China Railway Tunnel Group (CTG)
Material: PVC 1.5 mm
Device supplier: SIMON GROUP LTD
Simon Machinery (China) Co., Ltd.

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